We are strangling democracy in the UK

Today I feel the terror of the world. Our politicians in the UK are about to vote in parliament on May's brexit deal. And it will likely be defeated. A deal which would have left us tied to the EU will be knocked back. In turn, they are threatening to either keep us in or … Continue reading We are strangling democracy in the UK


Gender pay gap reporting: HR’s perennial obsession

In the U.K. organisations over a certain size have to report on their 'gender pay gap'. Leaving the veracity of it all aside for now, I have to say I am fed up with the way 'gender equality' (in general) is handled by HR departments. I left the following comment on the linked article below. … Continue reading Gender pay gap reporting: HR’s perennial obsession

Why are ‘virtuous’ people so humourless?

What is it with modern Outrage Culture? Seriously, what has happened to us? As the whole Kevin Hart saga recently illustrated, people just love to be offended. I do not need to go into detail here - aside from the Hart controversy we have all witnessed the deep, chronic vitriol of the perma-offended, online social justice … Continue reading Why are ‘virtuous’ people so humourless?

Anti-Racists are the New Racists

It used to be - in the 90s - that people boasted of their indifference to race. To proclaim that you 'didn't see race' was a virtue. Now, it marks you as a racist - blind to the flagrant, omnipresent oppression of others. Now we love each other by staying apart, by focusing on our … Continue reading Anti-Racists are the New Racists

UK: Bad Jokes Now Warrant Police Action

In July last year in London Grenfell tower burnt to the ground, causing the deaths of 72 people. No doubt a tragedy. And now some faceless social media jokers have acted in animalistic response. They have committed an act so vile that it warranted unilateral condemnation. They did the unspeakable. They unleashed horror so grave … Continue reading UK: Bad Jokes Now Warrant Police Action

The Evils of Gender Neutral Toys

The Evening Standard - a free newspaper in London - is something of a liberal institution. It is unfailing in its support for the Remain position along with the usual social justice tropes (the vagaries of everyday sexism, aggressive multiculturalism, and big-time trans love). I love skimming through 'The Standard' in search of the latest … Continue reading The Evils of Gender Neutral Toys