The beauticians profiting from the pandemic

A worldwide pandemic, and economic crisis, is no deterrent when it comes to vanity. Despite the fact that we are all shut away at home with no one to please but ourselves beauty stylists are persisting with their message of low-grade narcissism. In other words:

Extended coronavirus lockdowns do not have to mean living with hair roots showing or trying out the bowl cut at home.

According to Reuters, a number of enterprising beauticians have prospered during this time of Covid chaos. The housebound still want to look attractive it seems. Beauticians argue that personal preening is good for one’s mental health. I suppose you could make that case for any number of ludicrous, self-indulgent activities.

For me, I would take the opposite position. Now is the time to let it all hang-out. As a corporate axe-man, my usual look is a neat side-parting and clean-shaven jawline. My current look, however, is quite the reverse (and refreshingly disheveled): wild, flowing hair and rugged beard.

I like it.

Soon enough we will be back to adhering to society’s beauty standards.

In the meantime, let’s let it all hang out.

Welcome to the pandemic.

4 thoughts on “The beauticians profiting from the pandemic

  1. Makes no difference to me. I looked like crap before the pandemic, still look like crap during the pandemic and (if I survive) will continue to look like crap long after the pandemic is over. If nothing else, I’m consistent!

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