I am a lifelong Londoner and small cog in a large, corporate machine. I write about relationships, office politics and life in England’s great capital.

My novel about dating in London is available now in the Amazon UK store or in the US store.


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The horror of the ‘alternative’ date

When you first start seeing someone, the choice of dating activity is crucial. In London many of us like to visit the pub where social pressure is minimal. As far as I am concerned, the pub works – why take an iconoclastic approach to dating? Dating is difficult enough as it is without the additional … Continue reading The horror of the ‘alternative’ date

My brother is always in complete control

I met my brother Dan in Hilly Fields, a park in Brockley. As we walked his wheezing collie, Jackson, I recounted the previous night’s events. “So, you like her then?” “I was getting to that bit. She texted me earlier to say we should just be friends. There was no spark, she said.” “You what?” … Continue reading My brother is always in complete control

Being busy is a lie

Today I am going to be busy. Some men dig ditches, others stack shelves or clean toilets. I work in an office. So when I complain that I will be busy, what I really mean is that my life has worked out. Today will be a good day.

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